Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I've been rather busy the last few days. I don't really have much time to blog, so I'll do it in bullet points:
1. No water at the "tzimmer" (guest house) for 4 days.
2. Sick child with a fever of 39.5 degrees C.
3. Sick and tired MamaWombat packs everything and moves to expensive hotel at Hadassah.
4. Hotel is awesome. Hot water! Clean beds! Towels that don't stink of cigarette smoke! Woohoo!
5. Breakfast is included.
6. Tzimmer owner not only doesn't reimburse for 4 days without water, but wants to charge an extra 4 days because "the electricity bill was really high". I don't even know how to respond, I'm so stunned. Maybe it was high because the central heating didn't work half the time, the roof leaked, and the doors and windows don't close properly, so we had to use the a/c a lot??
Summary: One more week here without hubby will not be easy but now that we're out of the tzimmer-from-hell, and Junior seems to be getting better, it should be ok.

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marallyn ben moshe said...

refuah shleymah kishkashta...anything i can do to help??? shavuah tov