Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Dead Sea pics

Last weekend I surprised hubby for his birthday. My mom agreed to babysit for the entire weekend and we drove to the Dead Sea for a relaxing stay at hotel + spa.
Here are the Kumran caves where the Dead Sea scrolls were found:

This is on the way to the caves: in the centre of the picture you can see a person rappeling down the cliff. Some more people are waiting at the bottom.Here's a view to the Dead Sea with some of the many hot-houses where fruits and veggies are grown.
Driving to Masada:

From Masada, at the top of the cable car ride:
Tristram birds on Masada
The view from our hotel room. The mountains are in Jordan.
The view to the other side from the hotel room.
The hotel's Dead Sea beach. The water was too cold to swim in, but they have a thermal pool of sea water that you can bob around in.
It's not easy being a Dead Sea hotel elevator door!Here's something you don't see much at the Dead Sea: a boat, stranded on the salty sand.
Heavy machinery is more common than boats.

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