Friday, September 22, 2006

The Return of the Goth Dentist

Last week was that time again - time to see my Goth dentist.

She is sweet, gentle, 100% professional, and also has all sorts of piercings, wears black leather boots, and listens to Death Metal while she works.

The Death Metal freaked me out the first time I heard it but really, it's the most appropriate music.

Junior got his teeth checked briefly - 100% fine - and had a ride up and down on the chair. Then it was my turn. I try to be positive and see it as an opportunity to lie back for half an hour without a toddler demanding anything from me. I also get to practice my yoga breathing and relaxation. Always look at the bright side!

Shana Tova

Hubby has been sick for the last week with fever and sore throat. Looks like I've finally caught the bug myself.

I decided to take care of myself and took an extended lunch today (Friday noon - Monday morning). It's the Australian way!

Happy new year! Shana tova!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The return of the Jedi

I'm back from holidays, refreshed, happy to be home and happy to be back at work.

A family holiday is not always quite as idyllic and fun as you might think. It's not easy spending 24 hours a day with spouse and child in one hotel room. I finished off half a packet of Nurofen just for my headaches. But overall, it was really good to be totally away from the daily routine of home and work for a week. And it also makes everyone appreciate the little things that make home so wonderful: your own bed, a piece of toast in the morning that doesn't cost $26, and all those familiar little things that make you feel good.

Next trip will be a big one, half way around the world to the holy land...

Thursday, September 07, 2006


Sounds like some "women's thing" doesn't it?

Well no, it's the uni's annual staff performance review.
Seeing as I just wrapped up my first year here, I have the honour of going through this task. What it amounts to is a small mountain of paperwork, several meetings with various bosses, and such general jumping through bureaucratic hoops. Just the thing I need to squeeze in between sick leave and annual leave! Very convenient.

Actually, it's not bad to have an oppurtunity to reflect on what I've done in the last year. You tend to forgot a lot of the stuff and when you are forced to think about it, and write it down, you suddenly realize how much you have done. And it feels good.

(By the way, I am still listing 3 good things that I have done each day before I go to sleep. It's such a simple thing and yet really fun and surprisingly addictive.)

The problem is that I will have to also list my goals for the next year and spell out how they mesh with the university's goals. And all I really want to do next year is get pregnant and have another baby!
I haven't found the section in the form that deals with that yet.
Oh well, I guess it'll just have to be a surprise.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Frequent Flyers

We're going on holiday in a few days: a week in a nearby tropical island paradise... I can't wait, ah...
When we booked the trip it was damn cold and the thought of lounging by the pool on a tropical island sounded delicious. For the last week, however, we've had one gorgeous spring day after another. So I was happy to note on my ForecastFox that starting from tomorrow it will be cold and rainy once more, and winter has not gone despite the promises of the global warming doom-sayers.
Mean? Maybe.

I really need this vacation.

I have to jump through a lot of hoops at the Uni to get all the paperwork for our trip to Israel. It's all working out though. But, that trip will not be a vacation. I'll have a ton of work to do in a short time, and whenever I'm not in the lab I will be rushing around visiting relatives and friends. All great fun, don't get me wrong, but not exactly relaxing.
Not like spending a week lounging by the pool on a tropical island!

I'm still recovering from that annoying virus I caught, and I'm now at the Ugly Rash All Over My body stage of fighting it off. Oh, I wish it goes away before our vacation... as if I don't have enough to deal with, what with stretch marks and hairs and all the regular stuff.
It's not easy being a woman!

But sitting by the pool with an exotic drink in a coconut with a little paper umbrella will help.

Something that only happens to mothers of small children

...and probably old people too.
It happens to me way too often: I boil water in the kettle, put the tea bag in the cup, pour the water, and then go do about a million things that need to be done.
Two hours later I throw away a cup of very strong, cold tea.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Steve Irwin z"l

The man who was the face of Australia for most of the world has died.
He did so much for nature conservation and education. And he represented the "good old Aussie values".
It is indeed a cliche but he died doing what he loved most... and apparently he also died quickly and with little pain.
He left behind a wife and 2 children. His wife was climbing a mountain in Tasmania at the time of his death. I was quite shocked to read in the news reports that she had not been told yet, while all the news shows were running the story. I hope she was told by someone close and not by hearing the sad news on the radio.
Update: I just watched the opening of question time at the Parliament. Prime Minister Howard and Opposition Leader Beazly opened the session with moving words about Steve. John Howard had a close relationship with Steve and you could really feel his sense of grief. He was loved by all.

If only I could run Linux

then I probably wouldn't have gotten this annoying virus.
Fever, aches, itchy eyes, and now an ugly rash all over. Yuck.
I can't even sit long enough at the computer without getting all dizzy. Oh well, I'll survive.