Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Too many passports, too many options

I have a problem.
I'm having too much fun here.

I didn't expect to enjoy myself so much here in Israel. I thought I would miss Sydney. But I don't. I miss the weather, but on gorgeous sunny days like today I don't even miss that.

My work here is 10 times more interesting. The people are genuinely friendly and warm. I'm surrounded by family and my son has all his cousins to play with and his four grandparents to spoil him. I have as much fun hanging out with my girlfriends as we did in high-school. Life is good.

Hubby is going back in a few days, and then I'll have 2 weeks here without him. I'm stressing about that already, and when I think of leaving and going back to Sydney I get all depressed.

I didn't expect this.

Add to this quite a few job offers that we both have already got at several universities here, and it all becomes too confusing.

I think it will take me a while to think things over and come to some sort of conclusion.

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