Friday, March 09, 2007

If a blog falls in the forest and nobody is there to read about it...

Just in case someone stumbles here and wonders what happened, here's a summary of what's going on in my life at the moment:
1. My best friend is battling breast cancer. I'm spending most of my spare time helping her in any way I can: talking, cooking, babysitting, whatever I can.
2. We're buying a house and spending lots of time house hunting. And,
3. I'm pregnant.
All this on top of regular full-time work, raising a toddler, etc.
Long story short, I have plenty going on in my real life right now and I just don't have time for an online life too. It's nice to be back in the real world 100% anyway.
If things ever quiet down enough that I actually get bored, who knows? Maybe I'll blog again.
I'm siiiiinging in the wind....


marallyn ben moshe said...

refuah shleymah a speedy recovery to your friend...mazal tov on the pregnancy...kiss the baby...and the rest will all fall into place...stay, mar

Anonymous said...

Hi mama wombat. This message will be a little strange for you. My name is Christine, I'm an Ozzie and I live in Israel, in the hills around jerusalem near ein Kerem . I was listening to Richard Fidler's ABC Conversations today and he was talking to 2 women about walers, the horses that were used in the battle at Beer Sheva. They sound amazing so I started to search for them is israel......and I came upon your blog. I had to laugh at your story of the zimmer from hell wanting to charge you more even though you had 4 days without water. Typical, some of them have al chutzpa. Anyway, I saw that you attended a reunion a few years ago in Beer SHeva and that you have ties here in Israel. Perhaps you can help me. I want to see if any walers are still here. Do you know of anyone I could contact? I'd love any information you could give me. Thanks. My email is